Sportkreisjugend Rems-Murr


Youth Exchange 2013

Jubiläum : 10 Jahre Youth Exchange

10. Internationale Jugendbegegnung in Salbengehren - Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales (CYP) – Albrecht Nießner als Initiator und Macher

Kaisersbach/Salbengehren - jf. Bereits zum zehnten Mal fand jetzt die internationale Jugendbegegnung mit den Boys and Girls Clubs of Wales (CYP) und der Sportkreisjungend Rems-Murr statt. Im jährlichen Wechsel verbringen Jugendliche ihre Freizeit in Wales und Deutschland. Dieses Mal stand Zeltlager Salbengehren im Mittelpunkt der Jugendbegegnung.

Dabei ist ein Name - in Deutschland wie auch in Wales - untrennbar verbunden: Albrecht Nießner. Seit 1979 ist er Leiter der Skifreizeit und der internationalen Jugendbegegnung sowie Organisator von Jugendfreizeiten zusammen mit der Sportkreisjugend und dem TSV Eltingen.

Zwei Wochen lang wurde den walisischen und deutschen Jugendlichen im Alter von 13 bis 17 Jahren ein buntes Programm mit Klettern, Ausflügen, Gemeinschaftsspielen geboten. Neben Miniplaybackshow, Casinoabend mit Roulette und Black Jack, waren sicher das Kanufahren auf der Enz bei Vaihingen, drei Tage auf einer Allgäuer Berghütte bei Immenstadt mit Klettern oder der Besuch von Aquatoll und Wilhelma Höhepunkte. Daneben wurde natürlich

auch im Zeltlager Fußball, Rugby oder Volleyball gespielt, wobei die Mannschaften bewusst untereinander gemischt wurden. Sprachbarrieren wurden dabei mit Händen und Füßen ausgeglichen.

Für Albrecht Nießner und seinem Kollegen Jonathan Price aus Wales waren diese zwei Wochen mit den 30 deutschen und 22 walisischen Jugendlichen sicher nicht immer einfach. Wichtig für beide ist es aber, dass die Jugendlichen durch den Austausch wichtige Erfahrungen sammeln, Kontakte mit ausländischen Jugendlichen knüpfen, so neue Lebenswelten kennenlernen und viele Eindrücke zur Erweiterung des persönlichen Horizontes mit nach Hause nehmen.

Text und Foto: Jörg Fiedler Consulting

Die Freizeit aus Teilnehmersicht

Saturday, 27th July 2013
Today it's gonna be the day! The German guys arrived at the camp. Because of the hot temperature we decided to go to the lake Ebni or to try the water slide. It was funny . yeah <3 After dinner (Benny's Schupfnudeln Spezial) we met each other in the middle of the tent camp and played some games. We're looking forward to see our welsh friends. <3 David, Maxi, Hudel, Kerria, Jessie, Schlotti

Sunday, 28th July 2013
Today is a relaxing day. We (the German group) didn't do that much. We enjoyed the sunny morning and played some games like football or volleyball. After the lunch we prepared everything for the water slide. We enjoyed it really much at this hot day. At two o'clock Albi and a few leaders drove to the airport to pick up the Welsh group. The rest of the German group stayed in the camp to surprise the Welsh group with a robbery of their luggage. Originally we planned to steal their bags while they were walking down to lake Ebni but this plan failed because of the weather. Sadly it started to rain 30 minutes before the welsh group did arrive. So we had to change our plan. Instead of robbing them they should give us a hug. It was quite funny for us and for the welsh people. After the dinner we played some "Ice-Breaker-games". So that everyone get to know each other's name and sometimes a little bit more. Later in the evening we played volleyball, talked to each other and threw the rugby egg. Some minutes before the curfew we had to brush our teeth afterwards everyone went to their tents. It was a bit exciting to sleep together with the welsh people in a tent because they were little bit crazy but after a while everybody slept.

Monday, 29th July 2013
Early in the morning Albi and his best friend the camera went through the tent camp and made a lot of trouble and noise in the camp. Because of the noise everyone woke up. After this kind of shock we all went quite sleepy to the breakfast. For breakfast we had bread, butter, sausage, cheese, marmalade and cereals with milk. After the early breakfast we met us again in the house to get the introduction for the intercontinental game. There were five various countries. Each of them were completely different. For example there was the land of the animals, the land of the night, the land of the fruits, the land of zombies and the land of the sweets. The tasks every country had to do were: Create a national hero, create a present for the 10th anniversary of the youth exchange, create a song, a flag and a national dance. Therefore we had the whole day time to prepare our country. I was in the land of the night but I wanted to be in the land of the zombies because I like zombies and I had so much good ideas for the presentation. After a few hours of preparation we had our lunch. In the afternoon Albi decided to insert a little game. But the weather was very bad it rained cats and dogs. For the game we had to search things in and around the tent camp. This wasn't that funny because of the rain. Also we had to create a little story with all the things we had to search. Before the presentation of the intercontinental game the kitchen team cooked goulash with bread. It was delicious! Afterwards everyone presented their land. Everyone was quite good however the land of the zombies was the best. Everyone knew that they going to win. On their old and tattered looking flag was a big gravestone with the famous abbreviation R.I.P..It looked amazing! Christian was wearing a "bones shirt". So it looked like we could see all of his bones. Their song and dance was the Harlem shake and they freaked out like real zombies :D It looked amazing therefore everybody started to laugh. Their present was a bottle of the antiserum against the zombie virus. In fact it was just a bottle of apple juice but the idea was brilliant. All in all it was a great day we all enjoyed it pretty much. I was also happy because my group made the second place. In the evening we went quite tired to bed and slept very well. Just too short.
Felix Mayer

Tuesday, 30th July 2013
Today we had breakfast at 8:30 after we had finished the breakfast the leaders told us which song each group has to perform at the "mini playback show". They choose out of winning songs from the last nine years. At 9:30 we went to the Aquatoll with the minibuses. There we had much fun. For example with with the wild water slide. Some people enjoyed their lunch at the restaurant. We arrived in the tent camp at 17:30. Until dinner we had some free time. For dinner we had pasta with eggs and Leberkäse. At 20 o'clock the musicquiz started. It was very nice and we had much fun. The group of James won. Before the curfew we had some free time anf finally at 22:30 we went to bed. Janina&Pia

Wednesday, 31th 2013
After the breakfast we were divided up into 7 groups with five o six persons in it. In those groups we were going to do the sports games. Therefore a bus came which was full of sports stuff. We had "Pedalos, roaps, little football goals, stilts, waveboards and much more awesome things. At every station we had to do different sport activities like doing as much jumps as possible with a jump rope in one minute or walking with stilts as far as possible. For each activity we got points and in the end the group with the most points won. In the winning group were Felix, Tatjana, Sian, Huudel and Jasmin with sensational 250 points. The team on the second place got 180 points. So there was a big difference between the first and the second place. After the winner presentation we had lunch: Bread, cheese, sausages. In the afternoon we had time to practice our choreography for the "mini playback show". We also chilled and had fun on the water slide. In the evening we had Barbecue. Afterwards we got our youth exchange shirts. All in all it was a relaxed day. Maxi

Thursday, 1st August 2013
Today we had to get up early because we went to Leonberg. Where we had the official welcome by the major of Leoberg. There we talked about the 10th anniversary of the youth exchange and got some informations about Leonberg. Afterwards we went to Ludwigsburg to go shopping in the Breuningerland. We spent there 2 hours and finally we went back to the tent camp. Back in the tent camp we prepared our performances for the mini-playback-show which took place in the evening. We had many impressive shows from the members. The song Eye of the tiger won with a great performance. The curfew was very early because we had to get up very early the next day. Linda & Tamy & Lucas

Friday,2nd August 2013
Today we got up at 6:30 because breakfast was at 7:30. We started our trip to Mühlacker at 8:00 and the other guys at 8:30. First we had to get the canoes. After we got them we went straight to the river "Enz" where we put the canoes in. We drove about 21 km on the river and it funny but in the end very hard work. The sun was shinning and all guys were hungry and extremely thirsty. At 6 o'clock we finished our canoe-tour in Bietigheim. Then we had to bring the canoes back to Mühlacker so we finally arrived at 9:30 back in the tent camp. Most of the people took a shower and went afterwards directly to dinner. For dinner we had "Maultaschen" a very good Swabian food. The evening programfall out because all guys were extremely tired. At 12 o'clock we had curfew. We fall asleep at 00:30. It was a hard day. Tatjana & Kerria

Saturday,3rd August 2013
Today different people woke up at different places on the football field. Later on after the breakfast there was the dance workshop presented by Patrick V. and Desirée. They taught us "Walzer, "Foxtrot" and "Salsa". After lunch we continued with the outdoor game. The aim of this game was to collect five signatures to proof that the group got the ability to work in the household of the royal couple. Therefore the leaders were dressed up as different peoples e.g. soldier. For dinner we had Spaghetti Carbonara later on we played the "Oktoberfest-games" e.g. tin challenge. At the end we continued with a disco. All in all it was a full day. Lukas

Sunday, 4th August 2013
Today we got up at 9:30. Than we had a delicious welsh brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans. The brunch took from 10 o'clock to about 12 o'clock. After this we played the game "leaders vs. members. The leaders won. Buhhhhhhh! The challenges were: eat an apple which was swimming a water bowl without using hands eat a yoghurt together with a partner who tries to feed you with covered eyes wheelbarrow race arm wrestling to suck in table tennis ball with a straw while walking to a certainpoint without letting drop Table tennis ball spitting The dinner was Swabian food "Linsen mit Spätzle". After the dinner we played a little daiting show where German and Welsh people had to find their dream boy or girl. Afterwards the groups for the dice theater were formed. Subsequently we packed our luggage for the trip to the Allgäu. Curfew was at 10 o'clock. Robert & Christian H.

Monday,05th August 2013
Today we went to the Bavarian mountains. We drove two and a half hours. On the ride we had to prepare our performance for the dice theater. When we arrived we took the chairlift up the mountain. Some of us preferred to walk the whole way up to the mountain shelter. After some free time we had an amazing dinner. Later on we presented our performances for the dice theater. We had a very beautiful day and the weather was also very good. Fabian & Jessica

Tuesday, 06th August
Today we woke up and had breakfast outside. The breakfast was great. We were surrounded by cows and the mountains. Later we went abseiling which was great fun for those who weren't scarred of the height. Afterwards we went swimming in a little lake. Cameron thought the water was too cold so he didn't go in. Back on the mountain shelter we had our lunch. Albi got us all free drinks. Thank you Albi! In the evening we had a wellness hour with massages and face masks. Ieuan & Cameron

Wednesday,07th August
Today we had our last breakfast in the mountain shelter. After breakfast we packed our bags and went to the Alpseecoaster. It was fun I would love to do it again someday. Then we went back to the tent camp. After arriving there we had some free time until dinner. Before dinner we had to make pairs for the evening program. In the evening we first had a candle light dinner where the leaders were our waiters. We had to sit in the couples we made before. We enjoyed a 3 courses meal. After we had our meal we had a Casino-night which was very funny. We all really enjoyed it. With the money we won we could bought cocktails which cost about 120?. After the Casino we went to bed at 23:30 o'clock. Clara & James

Thursday,08th August
Today is gonna be the day . lalalalala. Today was our relaxing day. Breakfast was at 9 o'clock! After a the delicious breakfast we had a long free time in which everybody could decide by himself or herself what to do. I think everybody enjoyed the day. Me and a little group walked through the wood and enjoyed the wonderful nature. Some boys played rugby, volleyball or football. Playing cards, sleeping etc. were an important part of the day. The other part of the day was filled up with the evening program. Our last evening was very special. The leaders played the most important and funny moments from the last two weeks. The day ended with the final disco and a campfire. And we loved. and we danced. and we cried. and had a really good time. Miss all of you guys Annika

Friday,09th August
Today all of us got up at 8 o'clock and breakfast was at 9 o'clock. One hour later we started with the minibuses to the airport in Stuttgart. There we said goodbye and let the welsh group fly home. Everyone was crying. We drove back to the tent camp where we ate some hotdogs. Until dinner we had free time and also time to clean up a little bit the camp. For dinner we had sausages and everyone could go to bed when he felt tired.

Saturday,10th August
On our last day we got up at the 7 o'clock and had breakfast at 8 o'clock. The time until 9 o'clock we used to pack our luggage and to clean up our tents. All together we cleaned the campsite and loaded up the buses. At 11 o'clock we left the camp and it was very stressful. Albi was very nervous because of the woman who was going to control the tent camp. Everything had to be cleaned up otherwise the woman would not have let us go home. The buses were full and the sun looked through the clouds. The planes flew over us and made a big noise. Later after the control we sat in the minibuses and drove home. We were lucky but also sad to get home. Our parents were already waiting for us. This was the Youth-exchange 2013 and we hope to see us again next year. Thank you Albi :D Tine & Christian