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Youth Exchange 2023

Youth Exchange 2023

29.07 Arrival day of German people


We arrived at the camp and picked out our sleeping groups. We had to deal with a spider-net. We went to the lake and played human-memory. We went back, and the weather wasn`t good. We felt excited because it was our first time. For dinner, there was chili con carne. Basketball and volleyball were our activities/football also.


Sofia and Jey




30.07. Arrival day of Welshies


Because of the bad weather we went swimming in the “Filderado” instead of going minigolfing, which had been our original plan. After wonderful and funny hours we went back to the camp. There we decided how to welcome the Welshies:


We prepared water balloons and then we hid in the woods. After waiting for hours the buses finally arrived and we started our attack, which included robbing their luggage. Then we had a barbeque and later in the evening we played icebreaker-games. All in all it was a cool and successful day.


Sophie and Jannes






Today was the first official day of this adventure. We started breakfast today at 9 am with a variation of foods like cereal, sandwiches and fruit. Our first activity the day was a sports day sent of thing. We had many different activities such as hoola-hooping, skipping and a mud-trail. Overall it was an incredible experience and I thoroughly enjoyed. The second thing we did is have lunch, which was sandwiches and then learn our dice theatre groups and themes. Afterwards we spent time in our individual groups figuring out what we want to do and then in was time for dinner. After dinner we had a music competition where we had to list songs that were from Disney, rock, slowed down and mashed up. Very fun day






Hey everyone,


My arms are still hurt from all the sports we did today. But it was really fun (even the mud race which was awful too)


The mud run left my clean black clothes as brown as the ground I crawled on. Even now I keep finding gravel in my pockets! Overall I enjoyed today and would love to participate in some more sports! :3


(Sorry for forgetting our diary-duty ( this was written on the 01.08)


Lizzy and Jake







Today, it was CRAZY rainy when we woke up and Dewi took a shower, as did Fabian. We all agree that breakfast was delicious. Then we started to get ready for the high ropes. On the way up we listened to music in the vans, in particular Lil TJ. Dewi and Fabian (and me Lily!) were rather scared an apprehensive with the huge heights! But after some time we enjoyed the ziplines and the pure adrenaline that came with the high rope course. Jake (one of the welsh leaders) had to be rescued. All of us were ACHING after the 3 hours! But we three relaxed with a cold coca cola and enjoyed the long  and peaceful drive back. The scenery was magnificent. Fabian then took another shower (proves how hard we worked at the ropes!). We then prepared for the dice theatre presentation. Dewi felt very nervous however Fabian thought preparing was funny. Dewi was group number 1 and tells us that Lara was very hyped  about it as she was dressed up as Paz and Dan even dressed up as Paz`s girlfriend! He wore make-up and a bra. Fabian reports that dinner was a 10/10! I personally feel that the food here has been the best vegetarian food I`ve ever tasted! Then it was finally time for the dice theatre. Dewi dressed up as Ethan and Fabian dressed up as a duck. Although he doesn’t like ducks because they`re scary like Ethan. Both of the boys agree that their performances could have been better. I LOVED my performance and I thought it was fun killing Gordon Ramsey. Even though group 3 won, we all got sweets. We then found pairs for tomorrows couple game. Bye!


Lily, Fabian and Dewi






Today it was raining and we`ve done three activities inside the camp. After breakfast there were three workshops: First aid, photography and dance. After them we had a murder mystery game where we had to find out who killed Ferdinant Schnarrenberger, how and why. In the evening after a German dish we had a few couple games, where we e.g. do a parkour all thight up with a partner that we chose for the partner games. The final two teams had to do a wedding proposal to see who wins the partner games overall. After that we had 15 more minutes to get ready for bed and then go to sleep because we had a long day in front of us!


Anastasia, Daniel, Sophia






We woke up at 7:00 to be at breakfast half an hour later. At around 9:00 we left the camp to go waterskiing, which was a very long drive. What we enjoyed about the experience is the laugh we got out of it and the quality time spent with friends. It was also nice to get some warm weather, it had been raining almost the whole week, even though the majority of people get sunburned. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food at the place as well. After some time in the sun and water we travelled back home.


When we arrived we still had a little time until dinner which was at 20:00 that we used simply lay down and relax. For dinner we had tortellini and some leftovers from yesterday`s gulasch, both of which tasted amazing. Our evening was followed by a wellness night and our curfew was at midnight.


Jasmin, Lara and Lloyd







We woke up at around 8:30 am and had breakfast at 9 am.


After breakfast we went to Ludwigsburg to do dome shopping, we also had to do dome challenges; we had a list of things we had to take pictures of: The whole group with a escalator, cheapest and dearest thing we could find, the group by a water fountain, the group standing by a church.


When we got back to the camp we had free time but we also had to clean our tents. For food we ate stew. After we ate our food we had a disco, we all enjoyed the disco and had a lot of fun dancing and singing. Curfew was at 11:30


Kelsey, Marko, Jake






Today we had an English breakfast. After that we had to clean and decorate for our guests. After decorate we were all on the slide and listening to music. After that we playing a welsh game that was very funny. We then had welsh cakes and pretzels then planted a tree which we also put notes on about albi of the exchange. Then we had  sausages made at the campfire and chilled out until we finally sat around the campfire and toasted marshmallows.






After breakfast today, the (final) groups for the mini playback show got announced. Then the different groups of which two leader teams, will prepare a dance to a predetermined song and perform everything on Tuesday evening.


Most of the groups started preparing their performance right away, as there was nothing else planed until lunch.


In the afternoon, we had three rounds of “Germanys next Fakemodel” with one of the judges being Heidi Klum. Every group did a great job dressing to their theme, but in the end the group who dressed as leaders won. In the evening the Welshies went to McDonalds and the Germans played “Be the best”


Elliot and Marie






Breakfast was at 7:30 am. We left the tent camp at 8:30 to go to Stuttgart. We split the group into two parts. On the “Killesberg” we had a tour about the german history. We also visited a memorial. Afterwards we walked to the center of Stuttgart when we`ve arrived there, we split again into groups of at least 3 people. We were able to eat and shop in the “Köningsstraße” until 4 pm.


After that we went back home and the groups of the playback-show got together and started practicing. In the evening the prepared a casino. Curfew was at 11:00 pm. Good night.


Olivia and Rhys






We ate breakfast at 9:30 am. Then on in the morning there was no program so some groups pracitised for the playback show on the evening. Some then played basketball or table tennis. Lunch was at 1 pm and then in the afternoon there was a farewell program. First we watched the results of the photo-challenges. Afterwards we went outside an there were speeches of the laders, Lizzy, Marko and Nika which were beautiful. In the end the leaders then copied our funniest moments. After dinner the groups presented their playback dances which all were very good. Then there was an awesome disco with excellent songs by DJ Pat fever until 0:00.








Breakfast was at 8:00 am. It was the last time we had breakfast together. The Welshies packed their last things. After that we had our last good bye and room was full of emotions. In this moment we listened to sad songs which made us all tear up, includes angels. Following the welshies drove away with the last farewell from the german group.


After they left we cleaned our tents and head to lunch where we enjoyed some wraps. In the afternoon we played a team game, were we had to built our own town and collected materials while answering questions from traders (leaders). For the evening program we drove to a night walk with some historical background about the roman time in Germany. We then walked through the rain with torches. It was a great day!


Valerie and Oriane






Today we had breakfast at 8:00 am. Then we took of with music in our backs and hiked to the toboggan run. The toboggan run is located in Kaisersbach. The hike was very fatigue. We stayed at toboggan run for 1 ½ hours, everyone had a lot of fun. After 1 ½ hours it was time for us to head back to the tent camp. After we arrived at the tent camp we had free time until dinner, which was placed at 6 pm. We enjoyed the free time by sliding down the water slide and swimming in the lake. Afterwards after dinner we had the evening program, where we played the game “activity” only in big. Curfew was placed at 11 pm. Everyone had a great day.


Natalie and Nils






Today in the morning a few of us stand up at 5 am to watch the sunrise at the lake. But they didn`t see anything. Afterwards they made pancakes for all. The people who didn`t go to the lake enjoyed the pancakes at 10 o`clock. At 12 o`clock we met at the sanitary rooms for one hour of cleaning. We did a little warm up dance before we cleaned the whole camping. After a small lunch we got ready for minigolfing at 14:45. We did a little competition and enjoyed an ice cream. Following we went back and had burgers for dinner. In the evening we tool some pictures for our memories and sat by the camp fire while we got our envelops with some letters. Before we got in our tents, we made some marshmallows in front of the fire.


Juli and Friedemann