Sportkreisjugend Rems-Murr


Youth Exchange 2014


Thursday 31.07.2014

Early in the morning we met us in Endersbach and Leonberg. My first impessions were: 4 buses, tired faces, happiness, joy and so on. Today it was our driving and travelling day with the bus and ship.

We started our trip to the 11th youth exchange in Wales. It was a long tour with some games, questions, riddles, stops with music, laughing members, sleeping members but especially with tiredness and anticipation. In Rotterdam we took the ferry to Hull. Unfortunately we lost Raji because he had no Visa for Great Britain.

On the ship we got our rooms for the night, watched the after show, spent time outside, enjoyed the good dinner and slept well. We’re all looking forward to a wonderful exchange.



Friday 01.08.2014

Today we had to stand had to stand up very early. At 6 o’clock!!! We were on the ship to Hull. The breakfast was at 6:30. The breakfast buffet was very good. At 8 o’clock we continued our trip to Liverpool where our first hostel is. The trip was very long and it was raining. For the lunch we stopped at a very big supermarket. After a long stop we continued our journey and arrived at 3 o’clock pm in our hostel in Liverpool. After a short break we planned our “Tiroler Night”and the welcome to our welsh members. After the dinner we visited Liverpool. At the docks the skateboard of Georg fell in the water and he jumped in to rescue his board. At the same time the police arrived because skating isn’t allowed there. But they were nice and just said that he shouldn’t do this again. After the visit we talked together and at 11 o’clock pm we went to bed. It was a very long and hard day.



Saturday 02.08.2014

In Liverpool at the youth hostel we got up at half past 7 in the morning. We ate breakfast at 8 o’clock and then we packed our staff. After that at 9:30 we started trip to the camp and meet the Welsh group. We said “Hello” to the Welsh group and sang the “Fluffy sheep song“. As a little welcome present the Welsh group had baken some little cakes for us. After that we went to our tents. We played funny games and had a lot of fun.

Dinner was at 6 o’clock. After the dinner we played again games but this time in groups. It was a very long day but we all had fun! We got to bed at 10:30. The night is going to be very cold.

Lena, Birte


Sunday 03.08.2014

This night was the coldest night of our nights yet. At 8 o’clock we had to a really welsh breakfast. After that we were divided up into 4 groups in which we were going to do the activities of the week. Group 1 and 2 first went to the lake to do some kayaking. But it was a little bit windy so we weren’t allowed to paddle out in the middle of the lake. Because of this we played some games. The groups 3 and 4 went to a course, called “Mission impossible”. These two groups had to do some team-building activities. Then we had lunch. After lunch the first two groups did the high rope and the last two did the stand-up-paddling (paddle boating). That was really funny. For dinner we had a really spicy chilli. In the evening we played an outdoor-game. It was a long day so we finished it with a little football game. All in all was the day enjoyable.

Maxi, Alice


Monday 04.08.2014

The night was warmer than the last one. We woke up and had a very small breakfast at 8 o’clock. After that my group went to the lake and everybody got a kayak. In the water first we had much fun but after a few minutes big black clouds appeared at the sky and it started to rain. At 1 o’clock pm we had lunch. After a small break the groups 3 and 4 met to walk to the top of a big hill. We needed about two hours to reach the top. Now the weather was better and the sun was shining. We started to walk back to the tents. Fabi was angry because we walked through plants and mud, his shoes got dirty and somebody kicked a piece of cow shit against his back. We arrived at the tents and had our dinner. This evening we presented our little role shows. They were really funny and everybody laughed. This day was a very hard day but it was also fun. We had to go to bed early.



Tuesday 05.08.2014

We got up early in the morning at 5:45 and with a little breakfast we started our trip to Alton Towers in England. We arrived there at 11:30 am. My group and me rode two rollercoasters. We had to queue up for a long time. In the afternoon we went to the Burger Kitchen to get some delicious burgers, fries and ice cream. It tasted really good and we enjoyed our meal. Before meeting at the entrance at 5:30 to get back to our camp, we hardly tried to find a Minion pillow for Natzge. Finally we found a Minion pillow.

The trip back was terrible because the Welsh part of our group sang the whole time but at the end it was a great day.

Stine, Paddy, ???


Wednesday 06.08.2014

We all woke up at 8 o’clock. Breakfast was at 8:30 and bad! Our morning session began one hour later and some of us drove dragon boat, the others were climbing. After the lunch the groups changed the activities. At dinner we ate sheep-meat and walenut-cake with vanilla-sauce. In the evening we played a game. We collected groups of 6 people. We had to choose a group name and a group colour. The group “Senip” were the best but became 3rd. Before curfew we ate cookies and drank apple-juice.

Hudel, David


Thursday 07.08.2014

We had breakfast at 8:30 am. After that we did some activities. The first and the second group did Stand-up-Paddling. The others did Orienteering. After that we had lunch all together. After the lunch we started get our luggage ready. Then the next session started. The groups from the morning who did Stand-up-Paddling did climbing and Abseiling. The other two groups went to the lake and did canoeing. It was very funny. The groups 3 and 4 did orienteering and canoeing, the orienteering group had to find numbers and had to walk around the lake. The weather was very sunny so we all enjoyed the day around the lake. After that we were just lying in the sun and chilled. In the evening we had an Indian dinner which was very tasty!!

Fabi, Jana


Friday 08.08.2014

Today we woke up at 8 o’clock because breakfast was at 8:30. After breakfast we packed our suitcases and loaded our luggage in the Mini-busses. Then we went to the coal mine “Big Pit”. We had a very interesting tour through the mine. At 3 o’clock we continued our trip to our next housing in Pendien. It’s an adventure camp. When we arrived we had dinner. After dinner we brought our luggage in our new rooms. For the “Mini-Playback-Show” the leaders splitted us up into groups in which we had to practiced. After that we had free time for the “Tiroler-Night”. At 11:30 pm we went to bed.



Saturday 09.08.2014

We all had breakfast at 8:00 in the morning. After that we started the ride to Swansea. First all of us went shopping in the shopping center. Most of us went to Primark. While extrem shopping they forgot the time and the others had to wait for them. Then we went to McDonalds there and the food there is cheaper!! After that we went to the Liberty Stadium of Swansea to watch the football game Swansea city vs. Villa Real. This sweet stadium had only 20.000 places. 40.000 places smaller than the best stadium in the world the Mercedes Benz Arena from the best and only football club in the world! The VfB Stuttgart! The game was really sad. Swansea lost 3:0 in this friendly match. In the evening at our camp we had the Mini-Playback-Show and the best team won with the song: It’s raining men. After that we had a disco and all of us had fun there.



Sunday 10.08.2014

We had breakfast at 8:30 am then we all met us in the in the table tennis room. We were separated into our groups and me and my group went to the beach and started surfing. It was great. After that we started with kayaking which was great fun too. We went to the camp and after the shower we ate at 1:00 o’clock pm. We had some very delicious wraps. At 2.15 pm we started the Assault Course. It was very funny and after the game we all were very dirty. At 5:10 pm we had dinner it was very good. At 7:00 pm we went all together to the beach again. It was very cloudy but with an ice cream it was very nice. When we arrived back we played a little game from Albi. At 9:00 pm we finished with the game and had free time until curfew at 11:00 pm. It was a hard but nice day,



Monday 11.08.2014

At 8:30 we had breakfast and after that we had time to change our clothes for the activities. At 9:30 we started to go to a cave. The ways were very small se we must crawl on the ground. The special clothing which we the staff gave us got very dirty. Deep inside the cave were big stalactite and stalagmites. One stalactite looks like a face that was funny. We had a nice lunch. I liked the food very much. After eating I went to the high ropes. I liked it very much to climb up there and do the extra challenges. The zip line was funny too and I drove it two times. After the climbing we had dinner which was also very tasty. We had chips and chicken burgers. After dinner we had the “Tiroler-Night” which was very funny. The challenges were nice. My team won the second place and we got a lot of Haribo.

Tobias, ?


Tuesday 12.08.2014

We had a tasty breakfast (bread, beans, eggs, sausages, cereal and tea) at 8:30. After that we went in three groups in a little world war museum where we could listen to some interesting stories. A few of the members also told some stories from their family members who took part in the war. It was really interesting to hear that all and to see how the soldiers lived.

Before lunch we had some free time. After lunch we went to a little town where we could go shopping. Dinner was at 5:30 pm. Today was our last evening together with the welsh group. The leaders played some very funny scenes. After that we had a disco. All in all was it a great day and a wonderful exchange. Thank you to everyone for the good time!!



Wednesday 13.08.2014

Today we left the camp Morfa Bay. We had to wake up not very early. Breakfast was at 8:18 am. The German members brought their suitcases to the buses at 7:45 am. Then was had the same breakfast in Morfa Bay like every morning: sausages, egg, beans, toast and cereals. We left the camp at 9:30 a. Birte, Steven, Janina, Stine, Ieaun… cried a lot. We drove about 6 hours to Hull. On the highway, Tatjana was amazed about a toilet in a restaurant. It was big with hugh mirrors, grey floor and white modern skins. We arrived on the P&O ferry at 6:30 pm. On the ferry were about 1.100 guests. We went to the bar and drank Pepsi. We were so hungry. Dinner was at 8:00 pm. After dinner we went to the bar again. It was funny. I miss the welsh guys, the landscape and the “wonderful” weather ;D.



Thursday 14.08.2014

Today we had to stand up early. This was very hard after a long night. The most of us slept 2-4 hours and we ate fast the breakfast because we had 30-45 minutes to check out and meet the group near the bar at 8:15 am. We left the ship 15 minutes later and had to wait a long time in our cars in front of the ID-check. As they checked our passes they asked Robin: “You are Jonas Knodel ?” and I had to laugh inside myself because he looks so much older than me and I wouldn’t be allowed to drive the car. (Robin drove the car) About the full time in the car we listened music and slept. At 12:00 o’clock we stopped at a petrol station to refill our cars with petrol. Some of us had no more drinks and bought new water bottles. Then we continued our trip back. A few minutes later we stopped again for lunch. As we left the car no one except David and me were hungry so we decided not to stop again for lunch. After that Fabian hold a great speech about his wonderful time in his exchanges and that this was his last one. Then we went back to the cars and continued our travelling. In the evening we reached Leonberg and Endersbach and this is the end of the 11th great youth exchange in Wales.