Sportkreisjugend Rems-Murr


Youth Exchange 2018

Thursday 26.07.


At 6.30 am we met on the trainstation Stetten-Beinstein. 30 min later we started our adventure.


During the long trip on the bus we decorated our busses and we played a lot of games. We often changed the bus.


In Netherland we went on the ferry, it's a very big ferry.


At 7.00 pm we all met at the reception. Then we went to dinner.


On the ship we had a lot of food for example: fish, chips, rice,...


After the dinner we discovered the ship, we went on the sun deck, into the bar and we visited the sweets shop.





Friday 27.07.


At the midnight we sit in the room where the big bar is and looked to the theatre. There were good looking woman dancing and singing. We are all very enjoyed the ferry. I was in the room with Marius and David. Marius bought a Donalds Trump who shits. The sweets in the shops were very big. At 7.00 am we come to the finish Hull. We drived then very long with the busses. We made little games over the drive. At example we had to put jewelry into the busses.





Saturday 28.07.


We had breakfast at 9 o'clock. At 10 o'clock we met in seven groups. Every group got a topic/land. Today was the intercontinal game. First we discussed in our groups what we need for our performances and at 11 o'clock we got Albi's magic boxes. After that we had lunch at 1 o'clock, we had toast, cheese and sausages.


From 2 to 3 o'clock we had time to finish bour presentations. At 3 o'clock the presentations started. All performances were really funny. The best of all groups was the group mystical creatures. We had free time until 6.30 pm and had dinner. At 8 o'clock we had a teamwork workshop. After that Albi told us everybody has to color two nails because tomorrow is going to be the day of two colored fingers.





Sunday 29.07.


Today our breakfast was at 8.30 am, we met at 10 o'clock for the house really. It was really funny! We were split in groups of 6 and have find different numbers all around the house. There we get a passwort. Then we had to go th the leaders and do some exercises in the groups. If you're the first team who got 100 points, you're the winner team! It was really good!


At 1 o'clock it was lunchtime.


In the afternoon we went to the little city Brecon. At 4.15 pm we traveld back home. We had dinner at 8.30m pm. After that we played a drug game. Everyone had to find his personal group with 1 boss, 2 curiers, 2 dealers and 3 junkies and had to smuggle as many drugs as possible.





Monday 30.07.


Today we had breakfast at 8 o'clock. Then we were put in 3 groups. One group went to indoor-climbing, the second group went to george-walking and the last group did pioneering. Everyone had a lot of fun. After this activities the groups come back to our house. At 7 o'clock we had dinner.


Then the leaders put us in groups for the dice theater.





Tuesday 31.07.


After our breakfast at 7.30 o'clock we started our trip to the museum of welsh life. After 4 hours in the outdoor-museum we were done and drived home. The museum was very exciting and we were happy to have a good weather. Back home we had time to finish our presentations for the dice theater. After dinner at 6 o'clock we had to present our results.





Wednesday 01.08.


We had breakfast at 8 o'clock. After the we prepared for our activities. The activities were the same like on monday: climbing, george-walking and pioneering. It was again really cool and all of us had fun with their group. At 6.30 pm we had dinner. After eating dinner we were in 7 groups for a fashion show. Every group get a topic for his walk abd we did a really cool show with lots of funny and interesting performances.


Thursday 02.08.


Our breakfast was at 7.30 am. Later we went to Big Pit. It was a really big mine and we went on a tour with tourguide. After the tour we had freetime until 2 pm to visit the rest of the museum. It was really interesting. Later on we went at home and did some sports. The winning team got a candy pizza. It was really fun. We had dinner at 8 o'clock. After that we had freetime.




Friday 03.08.


We had breakfast at 8 o'clock. Then we had the last day of our activities, again climbing, george-walking and pioneering. All guys had lot of fun. At 7 o'clock we had dinner. After that we had a little disco with DJ Paddy. That's why curfew was at 12 o'clock.





Saturday 04.08.


Breakfast was at 10 o'clock. Today we had a welsh breakfast. It was very tasty. After that we did our groups for the mini playback show by ourselves. We prepared our performanes the whole afternoon. Dinner was at 6 pm. After that we had the welsh culture night. We really enjoyed it.





Sunday 05.08.


We had breakfast at 8 o'clock. At 10 o'clock we went to the beach. We had a lot of fun and freetime there. It was a lot of fun throwing jellyfishes on eachother. Most of us went into the water and swam. We all enjoyed the day with beautiful weather. In the evening we had our popular mini playback show. The winner was the group with the song „Poison“ from Alice Cooper.





Monday 06.08.


Today breakfast was at 8n o'clock. We left again at 10 o'clock to Cardiff. First we went to a festival. After taht we had freetime for going shopping.


It was a really good day. We were really tired and fell a sleep at home.



Tuesday 07.08.


Our breakfast was at 9 o'clock. Before breakfast we all did a little video clip for Albi. After eating we all wrote letters for the other members and leaders. Then we did some sport and team games. It was really funny. In the evening we had the final night and we said goodbye to Albi.





Wednesday 08.08. and Thursday 09.08.


At Wednesday we had breakfast at 8.30 am. We sad goodbye to the welsh friends about 10 o'clock. It was really sad and some of us cried. Then we went to the port of Hull and went on the ferry.


In the next morning we had breakfast at 6 o'clock and met 7.30 am to go on the busses.