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Youth Exchange 2022

Youth Exchange 2022


28th July 2022


First day, we met at 7 o’clock in the morning in Stuttgart. We first drove with just the bus for some hours. Then we met with Paddy and Marko. After that, we split apart in two groups that drove with Webreaks during that we got to the toilet and played games. At about 5 o’clock, we were at the ferry. There was a big buffet and 2 shows.


Friedemann & Helena




29th July 2022


We left the ship around 7:30 in the morning, after having breakfast separately. Then we kept on driving similar to the day before until around 4pm. When we arrived at the EcoLodge, we first met the Welsh part of the group. We then settled into our rooms and afterwards, we went for dinner in a separated building. In order to get to know each other, we played few games. In the later evening, we had time to play board games, communicate with each other and set at the campfire.


Jasmin & Anastasia




30th July 2022


We all went swimming and I wore a pretty princess costume. In the morning, we have a game started (Intercontinental game) because of the bad weather. We went of to the swimming hall. We had dinner and lunch. For dinner, we had burgers. And in the evening, we have presented the games. I really enjoyed today and think I’m going to enjoy the rest of my time.


Alfie & Helena




31st July 2022


Today, we left at 10 and drove to the Ogmore Castle. There, we played some games and went for a hike. The hike went to sand dunes. There, we climbed to the top and then rolled all the way down.
At 2pm, we went BMXing and it was really fun. Everyone was cool and the was amazing. We appreciate all the effort put into todays’ activities.


Natalie & Rhys




1st August 2022


Today, we woke up early to go to the Big Pit in Blaenavon. It was a lot of fun and was quite interesting. After that, we drove to Bryngarw country park and played games in the park. We then walked back to the lodge and played a music quiz and it was a good laugh.
We have to get up early tomorrow as we are watching the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.


Leon & Sophie




2nd August 2022


Today, we went to Birmingham to watch the Commonwealth Hockey Games.
While the three hours bus drive, we listened to a lot of music.
After arriving, we had to got through security before entering the stadion.
The first match was England vs. India. It was a sad match, but England won 3:1 and everyone cheered and danced.
Second match was Kenia vs. South Africa. It wasn’t close at all. South Africa won 15:0, but Kenia seemed to be the winner of the hearts.
On our ride back, we did some more dancing and singing.
After we got back, we had some nice pizza from Dominos. After the pizza, everyone started shouting “sheep” for no reason.


Marie & Morgan




3rd August 2022


Today, we left the Lodge at 10:00 for Cardiff. Once there, we split into groups for a photo challenge: each group had to find certain things on a list and take pictures with them. We compared our results at 13:00 and afterwards had time to stroll through the town in groups of at least three, giving us the chance to go shopping or simply discover Wales’ capital. We met again at 16:15 and drove back for the Welsh culture night. Our free time in Cardiff was actually a lot better than it would probably have been if we hadn’t done the challenge beforehand as it had already led us to several shops and sightseeing points, making it easier to know where we were going, especially for those who hadn’t been there before. Also, I’m pretty sure Cardiff broke the record of flags, I have ever seen in one place – they were everywhere. At the end of the day however it was a fun experience and definitely worth the time.
Once we had returned to the Lodge, we were all gathered in the seating area outside. A gong sounded as Boudice (not Catherine) came outside and declared the games we would be playing. The games included such things as six players eating disgusting foods, three players (including me) getting read some emotive love letters and shoveling coal through kubes from one bucket to antoher. Afther everything was said and done, I sat on a bench outside and listening to the ruckey of a ball getting stuck on the roof behind me. I stared into the sunset, watching the last of the days light bleed out of the sky.


Jasmin & Jake




4th August 2022


Today, we went surfing. The weather was great, the beach was stunning and the waves were high! And there were lots of other people.
We enjoyed it.
After that, we went on a long walk on the seaside. The view and the setting sun were beautiful… we all got sunburned a little bit.
Natalie and I collected shells for our families. Some of us went on a climb around the rocks. Fore one moment, we thought Natalie got lost… but we found here again!


Jacob & Lisanne




5th August 2022


We got up at 8:30 am and hat breakfast at 8:45. This was later than normal.
At 10:00, we started preparing for our mini-playback show. We were put into 5 different groups. Every group was given a different song to dance to.
After lunch, we packed for steer where we went in the afternoon. When we arrived, we had a tour of the farm. And we were also given the agenda for the day.
After that, we were divided into two teams and we played ice breaking games.
The winner got a 5-minute head start in the treasure hunt afterwards.
Then we made smores at the campfire.
Then we were split into three groups to do den-building, fire-making and whittling. After that, we went back to the main house from steer and had dinner. We had rice with curry and kebap from the BBQ.
After that, we chilled and played football. We left at about 9pm and got to the Lodge.


Ffion & Marko




6th August 2022


Today, we went to St. Fagans and we got to look around there. We’ve seen some cool and good things and definitely would do it again.
We went to see the old houses and old Welsh history.
We had some lovely dinner when we came home.
And we did the mini playback show – it was really fun! We all had a laugh!


Carla & Anastasia




7th August 2022


Today, we took a visit to Brecon. Here is where our day began: we left after breakfast at 10:30. We explored the town and went on a steam train. Overall a good day.
On the train, we stopped for ice cream and look at the view. We arrived at the station and came home for Sunday dinner.
After dinner, we had a Swabian evening where we got given different tasks. To do these tasks, we were in pairs and was versing the other people. It was really fun and we all had a laugh!


Abby & Lara




8th August 2022


Today, we went to the beach. It was so nice and hot, so we all went in the sea. It was nice and cold to cool down. Then after the beach, we all went to the football field. I didn’t because I had sand in my swimming suit because of Huuudel. But it was fine then, we went home. Good day everyone!
In the afternoon, we made the last preparations for the Dice theatre we had after dinner. There were five groups. The first one was a scared romance with Santa clause. The second group showed action with an old barbie telling about her youth. The third group told the story of a crime with dancing minions. The fourth group had a sad comedy with the tooth fairy and the last group performed a drama with the easter bunny in prison and a gender swap.
The judges “the giraffe”, “Ms.Wales” and “George Clooney” did a great job and in the end the second group with the barbies won.


Emily & Marie




9th August 2022


Toady, we had our first Welsh breakfast with Bacon, sausages, hash browns and beans and toast with butter. It tasted really good.
Before and after breakfast, we packed our luggage. Afterwards, we designed ourselfs t-shirts and everyone signed on them.
Over the day, we prepared speeches and dances for the farewell evening.
For dinner, we had a big BBQ with burgers, Hot dogs, salad and vegetables.
After that, the farewell evening started. There were speeches, a dance and a show where the leaders recreated their funniest moments of the Youth Exchange.
Then, there was a disco and outside, Paz showed us how to make bracelets.


Marko & Natalie




10th August 2022


Today, we stood up at about 8:00. At about 8:30, we started bringing our stuff in the bus. Then, we had a very emotional farewell. At about 9, we drove away. When we arrived at the ferry, it was around 16:30.
There, we had free time until dinner. After that, we had free time again. There were two different performances. On the sundeck, we tied our shoelaces together and walked through a long hallway.


Jana & Friedemann