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Youth Exchange 2016


Thursday, 28 th July 2016

The German group met at 6:15 am. Afterwards we drove for approximately 8 hours to Rotterdam. Boarding for the ferry started 1 hour after our arrival. While our drivers drove on the ship the German members had to walk by feet. (Stine's imphasis:) We got a private instruction by the ship policeofficer who recommended us, not to walk in highheels on deck! Finally, we moved into our cabins, inspected the ship and ate dinner, which was pretty delicious! In the evening we enjoyed the singing of Kieran and Hanna, had a great time and were looking forward to the following two weeks in Wales. Last but not least, we must mention that sunsets on a ship are exciting and amazing. However David enjoyed using the clutch of Albis's bus and shifted gears many times. Hudel enjoyed driving the car at a Netherlands gasoline station, while stine ate all the time. David, Hudel, Stine


Friday, 29 th July 2016

At the ship we had to wake up early to get our breakfast. After breakfast we met at the sunset lounge to leave the ship. Some of us had to walk over the bridge because the employees of the ship wanted us to walk and not to drive. So the little group that had to walk had to go in a passport-control. After leaving the ship we drove in our minibuses to Manchester. When we arrived we had freetime and some lunch. After that we drove with the tram to the stadium of Manchester. At the Manchester United Stadium we were guided in the stadium. We saw the changing room of the players and some other special places in the stadium. After the tour we were in the shop and some of us bought some special football clothes or other stuff. Then we drove back to the youth hostel to get our rooms. We had freetime to walk around or to chill. At 19:30 we had dinner. The leaders put the tables at the sides that Benny can give us Schuhplattel lessons after dinner. The boys learned Schuhplatteln and it looked very funny. At the end of the lesson the girls and the boys danced together the Schuhplattel dance. Then we had freetime again and some of us walked around the city and others sat in the lobby. The most of us already slept when Domenik sat on Sascha's hand. At 1´am Sascha had to go to the hospital. He was in the hospital till 4:30 am. His arm was overstreched. Jessica, Lena, Birte, Natzge 


Saturday, 30 th July 2016

Today after eating breakfast and packing lunch the German group started their journey to our first home. After about three hours we arrived and prepared everything for the arrival of our Welsh friends. After a warming welcome everyone went to get their rooms ready and explore the house. Later we played some ice breaking games which dinner followed. After enjoying Tortelini for dinner went on to play even more ice breaker games which were a lot of fun. Especially drawing each other switching pictures after ten seconds. In the end we had a lot of free time until 11 pm. It was great to meet some old friends again and to get to know everyone new. Jana, Kerria, Ashley 


Sunday, 31 th July 2016

We had breakfast at 8:45 am. And had fun at the preparation for the intercontinental game. The preparation was funny and then we had lunch. After lunch we had the intercontinental game. There was the group "animal kingdom", "undead", "olympics", "outer space", and "under sea". The presentations were also fun as the preparation. The group "olympics" won. When we finished the game we went to the beach. Some went into the water, others built sandcastels and the rest of us played with a ball. The weather wasn't so good and there was cold wind, so some hugged each other in groups of five to ten. We had enough time and the leaders decided to go to a city with a very, very long name. We couldn't learn its name by heart but we know it had 64 letters. After ten minutes shooting selfies we drove home and had a very delicious dinner. Then we had free time and had a lot of fun with everyone.

Ps: Sorry for our bad grammer Martin, Niklas


Monday, 1st August 2016 

oday we woke up at 7am to then have breakfast at 8am. After breakfast we packed our things and got changed into our wetsuits to go coasteering. At 10am we went by bus to Anglesey, we arrived at 10:30am and started our walk to the beach from where we would be rock climbing. We were climbing till about 11:15am before our first cliff jump, we also had to swim between rocks and arrived back at the beach at 13:00 and had lunch for 20 minutes. We went back on a second trip and the wind was strong and cold. There was of about 5 meters the second was 7 meters but the last one was 9 meters. Tom was the only one to jump of the 9 meter cliff as everyone else was to scared. We got back at 16:00 and changed and traveled back to arrete and had freetime till 19:00 which was when we get put into groups for dice theater. Charlie, Tom, Pascal 


Tuesday 2nd August 2016

Today we woke up at 7:30am to then have breakfast at 8:00am. After breakfast we packed our lunchpack because we went into the slate museum. At 9:30am we went into the bus and drove to the museum. At first we watched a movie about the work of slate in the old times. After that we have free time to look of all the things in the museum. At 12:30 we went into the bus and drive to Llandudno. At 13:15 we arrived and go in two groups. The first group went on the mountain and the second group go shopping in the city. At 17:00 we met us at the buses and drive back to our host. At the host we had freetime about half an hour and then eat dinner. It was very good! After that we are going into our groups for the theater and practised. At 8:00 o'clock the theater started. It was very funny and we all laugh very much. Then we had free time until 10:30. Linda, Esther

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

Today we woke up at 7:30am to then have breakfast at 8:00am. We had to make our sandwiches to eat. Then we were gorge walking. We had to put on the same wetsuits, helmets and clothes. After these things we left the house at 9:15am. Then we made 6 groups and went to the buses. We drive 40 minutes to the river. Arrived at the river we got the last instructions of gorge walking. After this we walked up the river and jumped over stones and went through the water. Also we could jump into the water and stand under waterfalls. At least it was very nice and a funny experience. We enjoyed it all very much. Sascha, Benni, Shakira, Lacey


Thursday, 4 th August 2016

Today we had breakfast at 8:00am after that we made our lunchpacks ad left for Snowdon (highest mountain of Wales). We were mixed in to five groups. It took us 3 hours to reach the summit. At the beginning of our journey it was really foggy and cold. At the summit there was a cafe we had rest for 15 minutes. After that we made our way back to the busses which took us about 2 ½ hours. Going down was much easier than the way up. When we returned we all had a shower and prepared for dinner. For dinner we ate "Kässpätzle" which was fabulous. At 9:00pm we had a meeting about the following day and moving to maes y lade. We prepared our rooms and packed for tomorrow. Marc, Marius, Ieuan 


Friday, 5 th August 2016

Today we woke up at 7:30am. Then we had breakfast. After that we made lunch. Before we left our rooms we cleaned them up. At 11:00am we went to our new Youth-House. After 2 hours driving we stopped at a beach. There we had lunch and one hour freetime for shopping and whatever. After one hour freetime we drove another two hours to our new Youth-House. When we arrived we got a warm meal. It tasted very nice. After the warm meal we went to our rooms. Our evening program was a party game. Then we had some freetime before we must go to bed. It was a very nice day. Max, Dome 


Saturday, 6th August 2016

Today we woke up at 7:30am to take a shower and then we went to have breakfast at 8:30am. We went to the Kaya Music Festival at 11:00am, so we could be there at around 1:00pm because the drive took about one and a half hours. There some of us did the Schuhplattlerperformance and Benni sang a song. We had a little bit of freetime to eat something or to walk around and enjoy the day. After this we drove home but a few of us stayed longer at the festival and came back very late. Today we had no evening program. Therefore we played pool or other games. The weather was nice today and some of us got a sunburn.. Kaan, Maren 


Sunday, 7th August 2016

The Welsh day On Sunday was the Welsh day. Breakfast was really late. It started at 9:30am. The cultural breakfast includes: -beans -bacon -scrambled eggs -toast with butter It tasted really good, but for the Germans it was different. We also had much freetime during the day. The leaders prepared a discussion. There were three topics: Volunteer work, Youth Exchange, Social Media. It is quite interesting how different the opinions were. Either there are different or everyone had the same opinion. After lunch we got our songs for the Miniplaybackshow and then we had freetime. Dinner was also delicious. In the evening we did a Welsh game. We flew with the awesome Dragon airline and had to find sheep and so on.. It was crazy because we dressed up people like a leek! My body and my hair was painted green! Natzge 


Monday, 8th August 2016

The caving-/climbing-/pioneering- Day On Monday, breakfast was at 8 o'clock in the morning. The activities started at 9:15am. Every group had their own instructor. I was in the climbing group with Albi, Franzi, Janina, Esther and so on. Albi was filming us all the time. At the wall were four different routes for climbing. Two easy ones and the other two routes were more difficult. It was quiet fun. We arrived at ESSEX at 4pm. Dinner was at 6 o'clock. During that time we were preparing our choreography for the Miniplaybackshow. The topic was a time travel from the 50s to now. The winner of the Miniplaybackshow was the group with the song "Dancing Queen". It was a great day! Melissa, Luisa


Tuesday, 9th August 2016

Today we had breakfast at 8 o'clock and the activities started at 9:15pm. We could choose between caving, pioneering and climbing. Many of us went pioneering because they had a little cold. Caving was pretty nice. Everyone got a suit and wellies and a helmet with a light. Our instructors told us to wear warm clothes under the suit because it will be cold in the cave. They also said that we will get wet. We drove with the bus and two instructors to a cave. From the parking area we had a short walk to the entrance of the cave. We had to achieve some different challenges and everyone of us did a great job. We went back to the bus and changed our clothes and ate our lunch. After that we went back to our accommodation. Dinner was at 6 o'clock. In the evening we had the activity game. We had to do mime, drawing and other things. It was a nice day. Martin, Pascal 


Wednesday, 10 th August 2016

Today we had a nice day. We ate breakfast made our lunch and then got ready for the program. We drove with the busses to Cardiff and stopped at the Infinity. We had so much fun. We stayed there for two hours. I have never seen so many trampolines at one place before. Everyone enjoyed the stay at infinity. But it was exhausting too. After infinity we went into the city and had some time to go shopping, to eat something or to relax. We drove back and had dinner. Today was our last evening together with the Welsh group. The leaders prepared some funny sketches about the last two weeks and Ieuan, Jack and Krystal sang for us. Everyone got a certificate for Snowdon because everyone of us was on the top. After that we had a disco and many of us cried because it was the last evening together.. Joris, Max 


Thursday, 11 th August 2016

Today we had our last breakfast together at 9 o'clock. Everyone was sad because the time went to fast. The Germans packed there last things together and put them to the minibusses. Before the German group left we made a big hugging circle and everyone said goodbye. It's always hard to say goodbye to the Welsh and many of us cried. We had a lunch break at a motorway restaurant where we could get some food. We arrived the ferry at around 4/5 o'clock. We went to our cabins, chilled and took a shower and had dinner at 7 o'clock. We enjoyed our last evening together. Some of us danced or watched the show and others chilled on deck. Bene, Lena 


Friday, 12 th August 2016

The ferry alarm woke us up at 6 o'clock local time. Breakfast started at 6:30am. It's the last time we ate English breakfast. The food was nice as always. After breakfast we packed our bags and met at 8 o'clock for the leaving of the ferry. We arrived in Germany at 2 o'clock and were back home at 6 o'clock. We had a great time and so much fun at the Youth Exchange. It's a nice experience and we can't wait for next year!! Linda, Kaan